Window dressings offer the finishing touch that turns your home or renovation into a spectacular design statement

Here are  a  few points to consider when choosing your window furnishings for your home


  • Bedrooms. These are rooms where light will be a key consideration.  Think about if you want to block out as much light as possible, filter strong light during the day or a soft filtered light.

-Bedroom Shutters offer privacy, quiet, light control and ventilation

-Bedroom Thermacell blinds, block out, cosy, child safe cordless options

-Bedroom Roller blinds, double roller blinds for day and night privacy, motorised for child safe cordless options


  •  Bathroom. This can be one of the most difficult rooms to choose window furnishing for. Having privacy without loosing airflow is important. Easy to wipe down and clean

-Bathroom Shutters offer privacy, quiet, light control, ventilation and waterproof

-Bedroom Venetian blinds, moisture resistant in PVC or aluminium, adjustable, child safe


  •  Living Area  Central to your home, a place to relax and enjoy the view.  Protection from the sun, while still enjoying the view is often important in this area

-Living Area Shutters offer reduced noise, elegant inside and outside, UV protection, light control and ventilation.

-Available in many styles bi-folding, sliding for your windows or between rooms

-Living Area Roller Blinds,large range of fabrics, double or single , motorised for one touch operation

-Living Area Thermacell Blinds, warm and cosy in winter, cool and comfortable in summer. A range of fabrics for day or night privacy


  • Kitchen. One of the busiest homes in the house. Positioned so your window furnishings don't obstruct taps and other appliances. Hard wearing and easy to clean

-Kitchen Shutters , easy to clean, hard wearing good light and airflow, reduce glare while retaining the view

-Kitchen Roller Blinds, cost effective, large range of fabrics, easy to clean, motorised for hard to reach places

-Kitchen Venetian Blinds, modern , affordable, easy to clean in PVC or aluminium, adjustable, good  for light control and privacy 


  • Halls, Entrances, Conservatories and....  We offer a great selection designed to suit your home



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