The versatility, superior light control and privacy of aluminium Venetians has made them a timeless and popular window treatment for many years. With a large array of stunning colour choices, Venetian blinds can be the solution for many situations from ultra modern to traditional.

Venetian blinds are suitable for every location in the home from lounge to kitchen, bathroom or laundry to bedroom – and equally suitable for every location in the office or workplace 


Custom made Venetian Blinds add a touch of elegance to your home or workplace.   Contemporary, stylish and functional, Venetian Blinds offer the perfect solution to control the UV light and privacy in your home.


Select from a large range of Aluminium, PVC Fauxwood or Timber Venetian blinds to complete the look of your room.


Naturally elegant, these beautifully finished Venetian blinds are a very effective window dressing. Venetian blinds offer so much versatility for control of light, privacy, airflow & filtering of harsh UV. We have a full range of high quality wooden Venetians crafted from hardwood or cost effective PVC & Aluminium blinds. The colour options and range of slat sizes allow us to customise the look of your blinds to really compliment the interior of your home.


Venetian blinds are fitted with a unique break away safety tassel which reduces the risk of injury from blind cords to babies, children and pets - make it safe by choosing Venetian Blinds. Our Venetians range come in a choice of hardwood timber, PVC 50mm & 63mm or Aluminium 25mm & 50mm  


Contemporary hardwood Venetian blinds.  Naturally elegant, these beautifully finished Contemporary Venetian blinds are crafted from sustainably grown forest hardwoods and are available in an expansive range of painted, washed and stained fashion colours. Or you can choose your own custom colour for little extra cost! The Contemporary Venetian blinds are available with either a routless slat or decorative tapes.  The routless blind has no holes in the middle of the slats.  Or choose decorative fabric tape which hides the ladder strings.  Either option results in better light block, ideal for those that are sensitive to light.  With headrail systems and bottom rails that sit snuggly on your bottom window sill to close out early morning light they offer something more. Our Contemporary Venetians give better closure than standard Venetian blinds however they should never be considered as a total light block as you will always get light on the side of the blind and between the slats.    They provide a lovely effect in the room and at the same time keep out sunlight and the harmful effects UV can have on valuable furnishings and floor coverings.  Manufactured from sustainably grown hardwood, available in 50mm or 63mm wide slats, this blind is available in a wide range of painted or stained colours to suit your decor. This colour palette matches our shutter range or you can even choose your own custom colour to compliment your individual design requirements. These blinds are fitted with a unique safety break away tassel, reducing the risk of injury from blind cords to your family.

 Venetian Blinds

Available in Aluminium, Timber or Faux Wood - PVC

Venetian Blind features & benefits

  • Choice of material 
  • Routless Venetian blind option
  • Versatile control of light, privacy, airflow and filtering of harsh UV light
  • Unqiue break away safety tassel
  • Large range of current fashion colours available


  • Heavy duty components designed to last- Lifetime Warranty
  • Colour co-­ordinated accessories and hardware

Design and Installation

  • Designed and installed with care by experts with many years of experience in the industry


5 year warranty on  products,  labour and components


Blinds Shutters & Curtains Whangarei offer  a high quality range of modern and stylish window furnishings at competitive prices, for your home or office.

We take pride in having the  experience to achieve the look and function you require for your  home.  Add the finishing touches to your home or office with custom made window furnishingsfrom Blinds Shutters & Curtains Whangarei .

All products from Blinds Shutters & Curtains Whangarei  are custom made to fit, and are covered with an extensive 5 year product warranty to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product available on the market.


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Phoenixwood Venetian Blinds 

Contemporary Timber Venetian blind manufactured from sustainably grown hardwood

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